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Friends, it is the autumn of salvation history and “the fields are white for the harvest” (John 4:35), as the KJV likes to say. Jesus Christ tells us himself that the harvest is plenty, laborers are few. But even those laborers are stymied by how to propose Jesus Christ and his Church during a pandemic.

There is a LOT we can do…in fact, people have never been as thirsty for God as now. And there are many ways to propose the Lord and his love in this time.

Want a hint? Go over to the facebook version of this enterprise, , and check the hashtag #101WaystoEvangelizeDuringCovid . We’re posting an idea a day, straight from the booklet of (almost) the same name.

Let us know if you have ideas as well! I’m happy to share them, with credit! We’ll call it Idea #102…and following. It could be the most energizing, faith forward crowdsourcing ever!

ps. Would you like me to speak to your staff, parish council, or evangelization committee via Zoom? Contact me and let’s talk!

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